Coronavirus & FAQ’s

Berlin Glas is grateful to our healthcare workers who are working tirelessly day and night. We wish them and their families, our project partners and students the very best of health and good wishes.

We care a lot about the health and safety of our team and visitors to the studio. Below are some frequently asked questions with answers. If you have any other queries, please send us an email!

1) What measures has the studio taken to protect its employees?
Berlin Glas closed the studio on the 9th of March and the team went home to self-isolate.

We are still open to take orders for commissions; however, when we go back to work, we will not be able to host visitors in the studio. If you have a product or sculpture you would like us to produce, we invite you to join us in the making process via video chat.

We hope that the studio will be fully open for regular classes and commissions by the end of May; but until the Senat tells us otherwise, we will remain closed to the public.

2) I really want to take a glassblowing class. When can we start again?
We have been doing a lot of research and speaking with our friends and colleagues in the USA about safety measures for classes. It takes a team to make a cup, but team members have to share a pipe! So in order to avoid this, we are working to get individual pipes and “blow-hoses” for each student. And even though you won’t be blowing air into a pipe for your team members, you will still be helping with everything else!


3) Can I still purchase an ANALOG light?

4) Will there be delays in delivery?
Right now the delivery time for ANALOG is 8 weeks.

5) What carriers are you working with and what are they doing to ensure the safety of their employees?
We generally ship with DHL and FedEx. For information about their health and safety measures, please see their individual websites:

If you have a particular carrier you prefer to work with, you are welcome to let us know and we can schedule delivery accordingly.