University classes

Berlin Art Glass is pleased to offer a 3-hour workshop for University classes. Scroll down to see the options! Maximum capacity for each is 20.

Option 1
We will start with a comprehensive studio visit and discussion of glass, some history, and sculpture/design. The group will then be split into two, and each group will work with a gaffer on a design ideation and the possibilities of making works in glass. The groups will rejoin each other and merge their ideas into one design that the Berlin Glas team will make for them. The piece can be collected the following day (after annealing). €450 + VAT. 

Option 2
This workshop is an advanced Fusing Lab. We will start with a tour of the studio, and discussion on the history of glass, two-dimensionality of sculpture, and melting properties. Each participant will get a panel, on which cut glass fragments, powders, and frits are used to create a design. An over-night melt is required and pieces can be collected the following day. €20 + VAT per student.