Of Movement & Material

Of Movement and Material

›Of Movement and Material‹ is the first series of lights produced By ANALOG, a lighting brand launched by Berlin Art Glas in 2019. It is designed by German product designer Philipp Weber and produced in Berlin’s first glass blowing studio.

The design addresses the way in which the human body and an amorphous substance like glass influence each other. The forms are created through a dance between the maker and the material.

The work aims to attain a sense of the human, capturing the emotional quality of the physical movement. It represents the body in a rhythmic play between the restrictive tools and the glass. The bare matter is only enlivened by the moves of the body, and thus, turned into expressive volumes. The result is not only about the form, but about the fascinating movement, during which body and material are unified.

Philipp Weber joins his concept for ›Of Movement and Material‹ with the Philosophy of ANALOG, which is seeking to rethink the relevance of a human quality within products. It is committed to creating contemporary lighting that intersects creative craft with new technologies.

The ›Of Movement and Material‹ series is launched with an installation at Alcova Sassetti during Salone del Mobile, Milano 2019.

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