Studio Rentals

HOT-SHOP RENTAL:2015-04-21 11.58.01

Level: Advanced

Rates for 3hr** rental:

€40/hr. 38cm Glory Hole
€60/ day "Erik" the Annealer (150x150x150cm)
€10 fluffy torch (Mapp and hot-torch are not included)
€10 tool rental (pipes, punties, jacks, tweezers, shears, paddles, blocks)
€25 clear glass (Cristalica COE 100)
€60 for assistance*
€10 technician on duty 

Time: Weekdays 10:00-13:00pm or 14:00-18:00

Berlin Art Glas offers studio rental time for artists with experience working with glass. You must have at least a BFA in Glass or a Certificate from an accredited institution that states you are an experienced glassblower.

*First time booking? We will include one of our team members to assist and introduce you to the equipment.

**Hot-shop rental must be booked in a MINIMUM of three-hour increments. If you book the full day, please note there is a scheduled lunch break between 13:00-14:00.

***We have limited colours on stock for sale.

STUDIO RENTAL:2015-12-01 11.02.59

If you need a work space to cut glass or prepare castings, we are happy to rent studio space on a short-term basis. This would include a work-table, storage and access to our flat glass equipment. Please note, this does not include access to the hot or cold shops. Maximum 1 week rental. €25 per day


BVD Peche Fusing Kiln (inner dimensions 800x500x200 mm): €45 per day

KITTEC CB Studio Line Casting Kiln (inner dimensions 590 x 690 mm (Ø/H) 190 Litre): €45 per day

It is the responsibility of the renter to empty and clean the kiln when the firing is finished. If the renter is not on time and one of the staff empties the kiln, Berlin Glas e.V. does not take the responsibility for any damages to the work, and there will be a surcharge of €20. Non-negociable.


Berlin Art Glas is happy to rent some of the equipment in our cold shop to students, whom have taken our advanced workshops. This includes the use of the flat-bed, wet saw and diamond pads.

The lathe, Suhner hand-grinder, and drill-press are for experienced artists only.

The sandblaster is available for rent for all levels with an extra fee.

The rate for cold-shop rental is €35 per day (with sandblaster €45)

For more information please contact:

* Prices do not include taxes.

Cancellations made more than 48 hours prior to booked time will be charged an administrative fee of €25.00. Any cancellations made within 48 hours of the rental time will be billed full rental rate.  All casting,  fusing and large projects must be booked and initialed by the Executive Director or Studio Manager.