Team Building & Company Parties

We offer the following possibilities:

Design Your Own Sculpture
This 3-hour workshop will involve participants getting into teams and making sketches based on individual ideas. The teams will then get together and combine ideas to create one final design that the hot-shop team will create. The sculpture will be ready for collection the following day. €450 + VAT // max 15 participants

Make Your Own Christmas Ornament (Glassblowing)
Participants in this 3-hour workshop will learn to gather glass, and then in teams of two, help make a Christmas ornament of their own! Some colours are included. The ornaments will be ready the next day. €500 + VAT // max 15 participants

Company get-together (Glassblowing)
Glassblowing workshops also make great company get-together. Whether you are planning a reward for a job well done or an icebreaker for new hires, we can work with you to design a fun and inclusive program. 200 per person, maximum 15

Individually Designed Workshops
What makes our workshops so popular is our ability to design a program that meets your group’s needs. Our clients have a variety of goals and desires. Whether you are interested in an exciting afternoon away from the office to have fun together, or a multi-day program that addresses specific needs in your team, we can work with you to meet your goals. Price per individual available upon request

Catering and bag-lunches
Catering not included, but we are happy to organise a buffet or bag-lunches. You are also welcome to bring your own snacks! Price per workshop will vary upon the type of lunch requested

*We recommend booking an event at least 3 weeks in advance.