Cold-Working & Engraving with Matteo Seguso


  • 19-22 September 2019
  • 10:00 – 17:00
  • Instructor: Matteo Seguso
  • 575€ (taxes included)
  • All levels

Class Description

Starting with the basics of cold working and engraving,  you will gain an experience, and understand how to use the various tools and wheels.

We will use a lathe with interchangeable spindles, on which are fixed wheels with different features.

The class is scheduled to spend the morning time to learn, train and share. In the afternoon, instead, we will practice all we have seen in the morning or in the previous days. 

Bring pictures, DVDs, book or any other materials depicting your work. Also bring a personal project (sketch, draft, drawing, idea, etc.). You will work to transform this project from paper to reality by the end of class.

All levels welcome: no cold working and/or engraving experience is required, but those with experience will be able to better refine their technique.

About the artist

Matteo Seguso, currently one of the youngest engravers in Murano, comes into contact with this art almost for fun. He inherited the passion for the ancient art of engraving from his father, the Maestro Bruno Seguso, who, with his friend Paolo Linzi, began the adventure of engraver on glass in 1956. Through the ancient and traditional engraving technique using a fixed lathe with spindles and interchangeable wheels, Matteo transforms glass into works of art. Continually looking for new challenges and new experiments, he encourages the exchange and sharing of ideas and knowledge.

Matteo's professional growth in engraving and "beat", has allowed Matteo to collaborate with internationally renowned artists and designers and create design pieces. His works are present in many private collections in all parts of the world.

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