Visiting Artist Master Series: Glassblowing with James Maskrey


  • Minimum 2 persons (max 3) -full
  • 25-27 May 2018
  • 10:00 – 17:00
  • Instructor:
    James Maskrey
  • 500€ (taxes included)
  • Intermediate Level

Class Description

Make-Up: The Hot Glass Process

Why do we make the things we make? How do we make them? Are there things we would rather make? Can we make those? Do we make with meaning? These are the questions we will ask ourselves along with quenching our thirst to ‘make things better’.

The aim of this short workshop is to both expand and refine our glassmaking skills. We will achieve this by predominantly developing our repertoire of hot glass techniques through demonstration, instruction and supported making. Our aim is to enrich our objects with technical ability, and to search for some meaning in our work.

We will concentrate on material, process and idea. Using and developing traditional and contemporary glass-blowing skills, compiled materials and our combined imaginations we will work together to create new artefacts.

We will aim to push ourselves through evolving our glass techniques and developing original ideas to produce pieces of work embracing both skill and narrative.

About James Maskrey

James Maskrey has a career in hot glass spanning over 25 years. He holds a BA(hons) in 3D Design from the Surrey Institute of Art and Design and an MA with distinction from the University of Sunderland. As well as being a recognised for his own work, he has also facilitated glass projects for many other artists who have included Richard Slee, Bruce McLean, Magdalene Odundo, William Tillyer and Nicholas Pope.
In his own work, James Maskrey predominantly uses hot glass to create factual and imagined objects that often take the form of individual pieces or collections of curiosities. Inspiration comes from many sources; personal experiences, peculiar facts, elaborate hoaxes and more recently, voyages of discovery, endeavour and exploration all help to inform whilst a passion for both traditional craft skills and innovative new technologies play an important part in the execution of the work.
He has a passion for teaching and his focus is very much on the continued dissemination of glass skills to our future creatives in an attempt to keep the passion for this craft and its artistic outcomes alive. He has led masterclasses at Glazenhuis (Belgium), Bildwerk (Germany) and Northlands Creative Glass (Scotland).
His work is held in many public and private collections including the Victoria and Albert Museum, The Crafts Council, Northlands Creative Glass, National Glass Centre, Dan Klein and Alan J.Poole, The National Museum of Scotland, Perth Museum and Art Gallery, The Captain Cook Memorial Museum, The Crystallex Collection (Czech Republic) and the Ernsting Stiftung Glass museum (Germany).

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