After repairing the furnace, we are off to a great start!

In July 2016, we suspected the crucible (the large pot holding 180kg of molten glass) was leaking, as we saw a crack. With everything going on in the Summer and September – our busiest month – only weeks away, we decided to wait until we shut down in December to change the pot. Well, December arrived and after celebrating our 5th Anniversary, we unscrewed the bolts only to find out the crack was a ring and the entire bottom of the furnace was a solid mass of composite glass and frax! Oh my! So, we gutted poor R2D2, and Rudy Faulkner and Jesse Günther re-engineered the entire installation, so if there is ever a leak again, the glass will not go beyond a protective ring. We reassembled the furnace in January, lighting up just in time for Berlin Glas e.V.´s artist in residency with Omer Arbel!

Here are some photos from the furnace repair!