ANALOG // blow[at]

ANALOG is committed to creating contemporary lighting that intersects creative craft with new technologies. It relates to the organic process of working with the material and the respect for the traditional handmade. In a world governed by fast-paced information sharing and production, ANALOG evokes the innovation of the skill involved in making something by hand, and the time it takes to produce a beautiful object.

ANALOG shines a light on the responsibility for the world around us. While producing high-end valuable lights which remind us of the need for more altruism in our lives, the products bring beauty and joy to our spaces.

ANALOG is a label of Berlin Art Glas, a center for glass blowing, which is committed to the education, promotion, and safeguarding of the intangible heritage of glass making. It aims to be a resource for artists, designers, and students, promote best practices of community engagement, environmental awareness, and to be inclusive for all in an effort to build a culture of peace.

Our first series, in collaboration with designer Philipp Weber , On Movement and Material’ will be debuted during the Milan Design Week 2019.

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